Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lessons Learned from Daddy's Little Helper

As we are preparing our garden spot for this year, we have decided to add rock around our garden boxes. For two nights in a row, my hubby has been shoveling truckloads of rock, and for two nights in a row, Daddy's Little Helper has been right at his side.

I find it fascinating....Mr. T (our Mr. Teenager), is too busy with a TV show, AW (our 11 year old) is too busy skateboarding, and Blondie (our 8 year old) is too busy listening to her country music cd. Granted, they've all had to help at some point in this garden-creating-process. We didn't let them all off that easily! But for the entire time my hubby was working when no one was asked to come join him, Little Missy was faithful to the end---voluntarily shoveling, raking, laughing and smiling the entire time... Just happy to be with her dad and being a part of something important. Hard work and helping someone else were the things that brought her joy in that moment.

It reminds me that there is much we can learn from our little ones.


  1. How sweet! I am finding everyday amazement in the things my girls are teaching me!

  2. That is so true! I should enjoy my son's "help" while I can get it, I guess!

  3. How cute is she?! She's a worker. I think you should teach her to do laundry and make milk shakes. Now that would be perfect! Course, she's looking pretty perfect to me already!

  4. I love it (Madi is the same way). She really is a doll-face. Love the pic of her catching the bouquet! I'm so intrigued by the wedding reception you helped with (I would love to do that sort of a business in my next life). I'm loving your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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