Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Final Installment of the "Welcome Home" Table Runner is Now Available!

The fourth and final block for the free block-of-the-month table runner is ready for download! If you haven't started yet, it's not too late, as all of the blocks are available for free download here at You Can Quilt This.

Not only is there a hand-stitching version available, but the block designs are also available for machine embroidery here at SWAK Embroidery, and they are free as well!

For some reason, the fall often brings out the "quilting bug" in us as my niece mentioned to me earlier. Even though this sample is shown in summer colors, I can imagine a beautiful version in warm browns, oranges, golds, and greens for autumn.

If you can sew a straight line, understand stitching even a tiny bit, and can read instructions, you can totally do this project. If you get stuck, "Quilting 101" at You Can Quilt This will guide you through, and it has all of the embroidery instructions, as well as instructions for quilting and binding this project. You simply can't go wrong, so give it a whirl! I'd love to see your version!!


  1. Oh Shelli! I just love your table runner! It is so beautiful!!! Lori

  2. Those blocks are gorgeous! I really love the door! I jsut found your blog via Living With Lindsay. Your projects are wonderful, the rock idea is so much fun and the ho ho ho cloth is great too. I'd love to link to some of your projects if you didn't mind.

  3. Hi Shelli. This runner is beautiful. I have a sideboard in our foyer that I've always wanted to top with a runner so I think I'll try this--let's see if I actually do it. Thanks for the inspiration :).

  4. Shelli, you did an AMAZING job (as always) on this tablerunner. It is absolutely gorgeous. We are all so lucky to be able to make one!


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