Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Cute is This Little Scarecrow?

Can you believe that it's Oct. 22, and this is the ONLY bit of Halloween or Autumn decor visible in my house? (Well, other than the tower of pumpkins that my little gal made on our back door!) How sad is that...and I love this time of year! I've been so busy with projects and keeping 3 young kids busy that I have not gotten to that item on my laundry list of tasks (we have year-round school here, and my three youngest are all out for the entire month of October. Yikes!). So, by the weekend, my goal is to have my decor up, even if it's for a few days. I'll be posting a few of my favorite things later!

But I thought this little guy was just too cute. A few weeks ago, one of the Young Women in my church taught a group of us how to make these adorable, friendly little scarecrows at an activity, and it was super easy and fun!

Here's what we used to make him:

*a softball that we painted orange--I tried to criss-cross my paint marks for an added straw-like appearance

*an empty Vienna Sausage can for the stand--cleaned out, of course! We simply hot-glued thick ribbon around it. The softball head just sits on the top. A tuna can also works for this.

*a felt circle rolled into a cone, glued, folded, and smunched a bit for the hat.

*buttons for the eyes

*rafia for the straw hair

*paint for the nose and mouth

*a variety of leaves and berries as embellishments

That's it! A fun, last minute kid-friendly craft for the season! Enjoy!

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  1. SO cute! And...I don't have mine up yet either! :)


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