Thursday, September 17, 2009

Table Runner Storage

First of all, I have to shout out a big THANKS to all you wonderful gals who have volunteered for testing opportunities! The response from all of you in my blog and through email has been more than I ever imagined! I'm so excited to get started! So, to you testers, be on the lookout in your inboxes within the next few weeks for more info. (And those of you not sure about all this can join in the reindeer games anytime! Just send me an email, and we'll get you signed up!)

Secondly, a big WELCOME to my new followers! It's so fun to log on and see a new face and name along the sidebar! I hope you'll have a great time hanging out with me here in Blogland--It has already been great fun getting to know so many of you through your comments and emails. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you followers, as you are a *stamp of approval* to others who visit this site, letting them know it might be worth their time. Again, thank you and welcome!

Thirdly, you know when you hear of an idea that is so simple and makes such sense, and you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself? That's exactly how I felt about this idea my neighbor shared with me. It is so easy and brilliant at the same time!

I had shown her one of my table runners I'd been working on, and I mentioned that I wasn't sure how to store it so that it didn't become a rumpled mess. My mother had always stored her table linens in a large drawer of her china hutch, but I have no such drawer. My runners have been folded up tight, and stuffed in a small drawer, and each time I want to use one, I have to press it and work out the fold creases. Not a big deal, but not how I really want to treat my linens and runners that I've worked on for a long time.

She then told me the secret, and I pass it on to you: Simply hang the runners or linens over a plastic hanger so as to not develop a crease in the center, and hang them up in a closet! Could it be any simpler? And, if you hang them wrong side up, the dust won't collect on the decorative side.

So there you have it....simple brilliance for storing your table linens and runners. Wish I'd thought of it myself....

Speaking of table runners, have you all downloaded your free "Welcome Home" Table Runner Blocks of the Month from You Can Quilt This? If you haven't yet, go here and get all the instructions for Months 1, 2, and 3. The fourth and final set of instructions is slated to be available within the next week or two. I'd love to see photos if any of you are working on it!

Have a great day!

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  1. shelli how did you get so good at this stuff, i mean table runner is so cute, i wish you could decorate my house!!! i luv it.
    ps would luv to help with any quilting projects you might need...let me know, it's the fall and this is usually when my quiliting bug takes full effect! *cami


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