Monday, April 25, 2011

Studio 5: Spring Fling Felt Purse, and Kim and Kris on Rachel Ray!

My sweet friends and "Wondertwins" Kim and Kris of the DIY Dish, You Can Make This, and SWAK Embroidery, never cease to amaze me! They were on Studio 5 this morning for a short interview, and will be showcased tomorrow on the Rachel Ray Show! I'm so excited for them! I have no idea what they will be showing, as it's all a little tight-lipped, but I'm sure it will be crafty genius.

In addition, Kris showed how to make this little felt purse that I designed for You Can Make This last spring on Studio 5. It works up quickly, is inexpensive to make, and is fun for the little girls and tweens in your world to express their creativity with. Oh, and don't forget...the download is free!

Take a look:

Hope your week is going well! Hugs to you all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exciting News! Please Stop by My Store!

Yes, Needle in a Haystack now has its very own Online Store! New patterns and products are being added weekly, so be sure to check in often. All Mother's Day Patterns and this School Days Pattern are 25% off the regular price from now until the end of May!

Each pattern you see on the site will be shipped directly to your home through the mail and can easily be paid for using your Pay Pal account.

Please stop by to see what's new, and be sure to drop me a line if you have any questions!

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Reach for the Sunshine; Stand Tall

I love this family. If you've seen any of the crazy music videos on my blog, you may recognize some of these women.

Here we are seated at a restaurant on a recent outing together. I am in the back left and my sister Marva Lu is seated across from me. These other beautiful gals are her daughters and one of her three daughters-in-law. They are darling and hilarious, and simply great people. It is such a joy to be around them.

And is this the cutest baby quilt you've ever seen? Marva Lu made one like this for her daughter Kelsi and gave it to her at her baby shower recently. Kelsi is the baby of the family and having her first little boy here in a few weeks. When she opened this gift from her mom, Kelsi's older sister Annie exclaimed good-naturedly, "Well, we can see who the favorite daughter is!" (After five babies of her own, my sister had never made a baby quilt for Annie quite like this!)

Little did Annie know, but Marva Lu had in the works 6 additional baby quilts similar to this one to give to each of her seven children. She had planned on giving them to her other children in the near future when she was able to finish them. Well, when my other sister Pam heard this comment from Annie, she told Marva Lu that she needed to finish up each of those quilts to give to her other kids at a family gathering they were having in two days, so they would know they were all her favorites!

So like sisters do for each other, the three of us and a friend of Marva Lu's spent all the next day putting the finishing touches on each of those 6 quilts. It was such fun! We felt like we were part of an old-fashioned quilting bee. One by one the quilts got finished and wrapped with festive bows. She was able to give them all to her other daughters and daughters-in-law the following day, and each of them were so surprised.

One of the things Marva Lu loved about this quilt pattern was the cute giraffe of course, but the sentiment of "standing tall". She wanted each of her twenty-something grandchildren to understand what that really means in life. She wrote the sweetest letter to each of her daughters and daughters-in-law beginning with, "To my favorite daughter So-and-so". She then expressed her great love for each of them, and her desires that they teach each of their children this important principle.

She also added in her letter: "Standing tall means to be courageous in decision making, not compromising principles, not violating spiritual values and not shrinking from responsibility. Basically, standing tall is doing what is right. Jesus Christ is our perfect example of one who always stood tall. He is the one who personifies integrity, strength, and courage.

Gordon B. Hinckley said, 'Every one of us needs to STAND TALL and be strong and faithful and walk in the footsteps of the Master.'

Teach those little children to STAND TALL. They can be someone to look up to no matter their height. They can learn to stand tall for righteousness.

May the giraffe always be a reminder to 'stand tall' and 'reach for the sunshine.'."

I love all of that. What a sweet message for each of those children to grow up learning in a day when these pure and simple principles seem to be missing everywhere we turn. What a great message for me. After seeing these quilts, my own daughters were requesting one of their own to hang on their bedroom wall. I'm hoping I can get to it while it still has meaning for them!

This quilt pattern is available through You Can Make This and was designed by my good friend Kris, who is one of the brains behind the DIY Dish. She has simple instructions that even a beginner can follow. And if you need assistance, she is more than happy to help you, and I would be happy to help as well. Just shoot me an email at the address on my side bar. You can find the pattern here, and you can see the twins in crafty action here at their site. They never cease to amaze me.

Wishing you a wonderful week, and plenty of spring sunshine!
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