Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Wedding and Oreo Truffles

Two things this morning...First, I recently returned from a fabulous weekend spent with my family. It was such a boost for me to be around my sisters and brother--I miss living near them so much! My sister's daughter got married on Saturday, and as most weddings are, it was beautiful! The weather was lovely for the outdoor wedding and reception, and it all came off without a hitch. (In the photo above, the bishop appears to be eating a cookie or something...he's actually holding his lapel mike closer to his mouth so we can all hear him!)

The wedding colors were black, royal blue, and silver, and the dessert table was amazing...silver trays and crystal displays filled with cakes, cheesecakes, fruit, and truffles, along with a variety of huge apothecary jars filled with candies in matching wedding colors: Almond Joy, mini Peppermint Patties, mini Milky way, Jelly Bellies, blue-wrapped Kisses, M & M's, and white chocolate-covered popcorn.

There were baggies available for filling up whatever and how ever many candies you wanted, and of course plates for your choice of desserts. It was so fun! I made nearly 200 Oreo truffles for the event, and they looked festive in their individual candy cups, and were a hit with my extended family that had never tried them before!

...Which brings me to my second item this morning. If you have never visited Your Home Based Mom before, you seriously need to make a habit of it! Her blog is where I discovered the recipe for the Oreo Truffles. Every other recipe I've tried of hers is fabulous as well. She takes beautiful pictures, and I love checking in with her to see what new entertaining item or recipe she has to offer.

One thing I love about these Oreo Truffles is that they are sooo simple to make, and yet so unique. My own little family can't get enough of them, and I was slightly embarrassed as I noticed from afar (I was working in the kitchen) that my two boys each had plates stacked with about 8 of them at the reception. (Apparently we need some etiquette lessons in the near future!) So anyway, here is the recipe. I really think you are going to love them!

Oreo Truffles
1 package Oreo Cookies (Leigh Anne says the off brands work well too)
1 8 oz. package cream cheese (softened)

Directions: Remove 9 Oreos from the package and crush in a blender, white stuff and all, to a powdery consistency. Set aside.

Crush remaining Oreos, and place in mix master. Add softened cream cheese and blend together with the whisk attachment.

Using a small scoop, (I used a 1 1/4" Pampered Chef scoop) measure out a small amount, roll into a ball, and then roll in the crushed Oreo crumbs. You want them to be bite-sized. Each batch makes 35 to 45-ish truffles, depending on the size of your scoop. I also rolled some of them in granulated sugar for variety, but everyone seemed to prefer the Oreo crumbs instead.

Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight before serving (this really is important, as they don't taste as good at room temp. Not sure why!). And, I froze my batches ahead of time, and they were just perfect! Enjoy these yummy truffles and check out the other amazing recipes Leigh Anne has to offer!


  1. I love the oreo truffles. There is a girl in our ward we call Becky Homecky. She makes them all the time. She dips them in melted chocolate (white and/or milk) and then sprinkles with a little of the crushed oreo or drizzles with other chocolate. It's hard to eat just one.

  2. Looks like a beautiful wedding!

    And the truffles...YUM! Can't believe you made that many of them! You must be the best aunt ever!


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