Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Fun Night - "Four Corners"

Today I have another Family Fun Night game to share that is super easy to play, and requires no supplies, other than a large room with four corners. This was a staple in my classroom years ago when I used to teach school, and now it is a regular at our house as well. Many of you may recognize it yourselves. It's simply called "Four Corners". The object is to be the last remaining family member that does not get called out. Let me explain...

First, designate each corner of the room with a number. It's easiest to start in a main corner, and number them clockwise. Be sure every family member can remember which corner is which.

Next, choose one person to be "It". He or she sits somewhere near the center of the room with eyes closed (we make our family members put their heads down on the couch or the nearby stairs--no peeking!) That person counts to 10 while the other family members quietly sneak to any corner to stand in. Whatever corner you are standing in when "It" gets to number "10" is where you have to remain standing! When the person who is "It" finishes counting (and with eyes still closed!), he or she calls out one corner number: 1,2,3, or 4. If you are standing in that particular corner, you are out.

Counting by "It" then resumes and the rounds continue until there is one last person remaining. The last person in, wins! At that point, that person becomes the new "It", and the game starts over with everyone playing again.

Like I said, super simple to play, but lots of fun!

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  1. Fun! We will be trying this! A good way for my girls to practice counting and work with numbers!

    Thank you!


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