Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Welcome Home" Table Runner is Now Available!

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! We had the opportunity to travel once again for another niece's wedding, and to spend time with extended family and friends, and it was fabulous! It was crazy too---working hard and helping prepare the last minute details for the reception, yet having a non-stop party for our whole family full of ping-pong tournaments, barbeques, take-out Chinese, and rides for the kiddies pulled by my bro in law's riding lawn mower.

Late nights and early mornings, all-day baking fests, trips to the cemetery, oh, and a wedding!....whew! I think we are all exhausted! But it was such great fun, and worth every minute.

Needless to say, my little family is now trying to recuperate, with two of the little ones sick here at home, and me facing a mountain of laundry! Uggh! So while I plan to share some amazing bits of the wedding reception and party with you all, it may have to wait for a day or two...

However, remember a few weeks ago when I shared a sneak peek of a project I was working on for You Can Quilt This? Well, it is finally finished, and the first part of it has been released. And the best news? It's all free for the taking. The project is a "Welcome Home" Table Runner, created with four different block designs---each one to be released as a Block of the Month (BOM) over the next four months. Here is this month's block:

If quilting, appliqué, or embroidery are new to you, or seem too intimidating to try, no worries. There is a section at You Can Quilt This called "Quilting 101" in which quilting vocabulary and techniques are discussed and taught in easy-to-understand terms. The talented ladies behind You Can Quilt This want you to have a positive experience with quilting! They will teach you there how to quilt your runner with your sewing machine, and how to easily add the binding to the edges. In addition, when you get to the appliqué and embroidery sections of this table runner, don't forget that there is a free eBook that will walk you through each of those embroidery stitches. And, the fact that one block design is released each month gives you plenty of time to learn about new techniques and to complete each block before the next one is available.

Everything you need to know to complete this runner is available at your fingertips. So, why not give it a try! It's so much fun, and so rewarding when you see what you are able to accomplish! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have as you work through this pattern. I'm so happy to help, and I would love to assist you in any way I possibly can. I want you to have a great experience with this as well!


  1. I LOVE the runner Shelli! I will definitely be trying it out! Thank you!

    Glad you had a fun time! Good luck getting back into it all! :)

  2. Shelli, you did an AMAZING job on this table runner! I can't wait to make it! Each block was done so beautifully.


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