Friday, May 15, 2009

Cramming for a 5K!

When I was in college, my M.O. for study seemed to be "cram". Not that I didn't like studying. I actually loved college and learning, and everything about my experience. But that was just it. There was so much to do and experience, so much fun to be had, and so much to learn, that "cramming" seemed to be the only way to fit in everything I wanted to experience!

Well, now that I'm a middle-aged mom (ouch, it hurts to say it), "cramming" still seems to be the way I do things at times. Again, not that I necessarily want to put things off...there's just so much I still want to do and experience, and so much to do as a wife, mom, and person of my own, and fitting it all in sometimes requires "cramming!"

Case in point: Tonight I'm running a 5K with my 11 year old son. Each year our elementary school sponsors a fundraiser/5K to earn money for the school while promoting healthy lifestyle habits. I think it's a great event. In addition, the kids in the school get to enter a contest to help design the T-Shirt, and the winner's design is printed on the front.

In years past, I've had a toddler to worry about while the other kids were running, so I've always walked the 5K while pushing a stroller. But this year, only my 11 year old and I are signed up, and my hubby will be available to watch the younger kids.... So about 6 weeks ago, or so, I decided this year I was going to actually "run" the 5K, but didn't get serious about it until, oh, 3 weeks ago. Whoops. Now, I've run before, but you know, like 20 years ago in college when I thought "walking" was a sissy form of exercise. Hmmm...aging has taught me a thing or two about that misconception.

Anyhoo, it will be a fun experience if nothing else, and has given me a goal to shoot for. Above everything, it has been great training (er...cramming) and having a common interest with, and reason to spend time with my kiddo. He leaves me in the dust, and is pumped for the race, hoping for a repeat performance of his division win last year.

If any of you are looking to train for a 5K, there are loads of training programs out there, but one that I wished I would have followed a bit earlier is this one. It makes good sense to me, and seams easy to follow. (Sigh...) Next year.
I'll let you know how it goes---wish me luck! (And, no. lol. That isn't a photo of me running.)


  1. Were you training early in the morning? Did your son turn on the lights and pull you out of bed? Who would ever do that to anyone at any time in their life? That is down right rude! You'll be awesome -- I'll be cheering loud for you!!

  2. How exciting!! Good for you for running it with your son! Hope it went well!


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