Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Inspiration...

Oh, how I love the autumn...the colors of the leaves, the coolness of the air, the harvest, pumpkin patches, and somehow the sky just appears to be a brighter shade of blue to me. This burning bush in my yard is my absolute favorite! If I could bottle a bit of autumn to last the year round, I would! And if I could blog my love of it each day, I would! But unfortunately, life itself keeps us from doing everything we'd love to just sit and do sometimes, doesn't it?

So for today, here are just a few samplings of some things that I love, and all things autumn...Enjoy!

First of all, my friend Belinda over at Blue Ribbon Designs has been cranking out the pillows and items for home decor, and they happen to be some of my autumn designs! Each one of hers was stitched out with her embroidery machine, but a few of them are or will be available soon for hand stitching. I was so excited to see how hers turned out!

She is a also a talented designer, and for you cross stitch fans, she has some beautiful and festive new designs released for fall. Be sure to check them out on her website. They are stunning!

In addition, she is hosting a give-away for some beautifully sewn, quilted, and zippered pouches that that she has made. Any of you crafty people that need organization for scissors, thread, and doo-dahs of any sort will love them.

Secondly, my comrade, Kris at JesseKate Designs(whom I adore and have officially dubbed the "Most Creative Person I've Ever Met") has a delicious looking recipe for "Easy Apple Crisp" and THE cutest ideas for a teacher's fall luncheon that you've ever seen. Cake pops, take home bags, and decor ideas....her creativity simply astounds me! I'm certain the teachers at her school feel so loved and appreciated.

Thirdly, I was so pumped when I saw that "Your Home Based Mom" has a College Cookbook available for purchase. This collection is full of many of her easy to make, family favorites. If you've tried her recipes, you know that they are all fabulous! What a great gift for that college student or newly wed in your life. You know I'm a fan!

And lastly...well, autumn just wouldn't be autumn without the quirky, adorable, homemade decor created by our kids, right? I just love my little one's tower of pumpkins that she dreamed up, drew, cut out, and taped up to adorn our door all by her little wee self.

Happy Autumn!


  1. I love autumn too! Kelly and I ran down the canyon this morning and it was just beautiful!! Let me know if you figure out how to bottle it!

  2. I love this time of year as well! And, love more than anything those handmade decorations all over the place! :)

    The tower of pumpkins is very creative...and cute! :)

  3. Aahh Shelli...THANKS for the shout-out! You're so awesome and I would have to say that YOU MY FRIEND are one of the most creative people I know!!!! :)


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