Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wickedly Easy Pumpkin Cookies

So, I'm amazed at these niece introduced me to these little charmers last year at a family gathering, and I couldn't believe how I'd possibly missed out on them for the last 40 years. They were incredibly yummy and moist, and when she gave me the recipe, I learned they were so... um, wickedly easy.

Don't you just love the smell and tastes of the autumn? These cookies make your house smell heavenly, and, well, who can resist a cookie that smells that good and has chocolate chips? It's a win/win, and a serious necessity in our home for this time of year.

My 9 year old kept eating them yesterday after she came home from school, and each time I caught her with another cookie (to be fair, they were pretty small), she just shrugged at me and exclaimed, "They're just so good!" ...There you have it, folks...the stamp of approval from one of my biggest critics.

Wickedly Easy Pumpkin Cookies

1 box of spice cake mix (a friend told me yesterday that carrot cake works well too)
2 cups of canned pumpkin (or a 15 oz. can)
1/2 to 1 bag chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate, and uh, the whole bag)

Mix ingredients together, and spoon onto a greased baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 13-15 minutes.

So, yeah... My pantry is now stocked with these key ingredients so I can easily whip these out when the urge arises or when I need a speedy autumn treat. Enjoy!

And one more thing. I tried these delicious spiced pumpkin waffles the other day as well. Love them!


  1. Shelli shared a few of these with me the other day and I will testify they are YUMMY!!!!! :) Love Ya Shelli! Dana :)

  2. Ashley made these the other day at Activity Days. YUMMY!!! I was shocked at the easy recipe. Too easy for my waistline. Especially when I have a storage room full of cake mixes that I got for a quarter. Help me! I am officially addicted!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I've never seen this recipe, but boy I'm going to try it for sure. It looks so easy! And you can never have too many pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sitting around at this time of year. Especially if you have anyone drop in unexpectedly, you could whip those out and they'd think you had been in the kitchen for hours! :)


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