Thursday, October 1, 2009

Insights from a 5 Year Old Princess

A bit ago, Little Missy came bringing me her latest artwork to show me. She had cheerfully requested me to draw some paper doll shapes, and I was happy she was so busily drawing and cutting to allow me some time to get things done. She happily ran to me later to share with me her creativity. However, all the smiles turned to frowns as she started talking.

Me: Wow...what interesting faces you've drawn on your dolls. Tell me who these people are.

L.M.: (With great gusto) Well, this one in the crown is me, because I'm the princess. And I'm crying!

Me: (A curious grin growing inside of me) Hmmm.. I can see that. Why are you crying? You should be happy...if you're a princess.

L.M.: (Volume increasing) I'm crying because this one is so mean to me. That's (Blondie). She's always bugging me and teasing me, and making me cry. And this one is (Mr. T). He's the meanest one in the family! He's never nice! The only one nice to me is (A.W.). So that's why I'm crying.

Mom: (With a stifled giggle) Aw, honey. I'm so sorry you feel that way.

We hugged briefly, and then she cheerily skipped away to her next activity.

Now, just so you know, I was not laughing inside AT her, but more at the passion and zeal with which she was describing her life at that moment in time, and of course, her cute little artistic rendition. I have chuckled to myself repeatedly as I have gazed at that little bit of insight into her world. The funny and amazing thing is, she pegged each of her siblings perfectly.

Mr. T., our oldest, is hormonal...a teenager that the earth supposedly revolves around (believe me, we're trying to change that perspective, but boy, is it a challenge!), and everyone and everything is annoying to him, including his sweet baby sister. (Okay, so she's not sweet all the time, but certainly a good chunk of it!) But to his credit, Little Missy doesn't grasp his adult-like sense of humor that keeps my hubby and I laughing, or the ways in which he is maturing in responsibility and leadership. Despite his occasional grouchiness, he is a great kid most of the time.

Blondie ( our third) is a tease through and through, and sometimes just can't help but pester L.M. to get a rise out of her. She delights in hearing her scream! She too, has her great qualities that the little one doesn't always grasp. She is strong-willed and a natural leader---and one of my friends joked that one day she'll be president of the United States. Given responsibility to babysit someone other than her little sister, she is a natural, and the little kids all love her.

A.W. (our second) is the gentle heart that holds her hand when they walk out of the school together, and hugs her before bed to tell her he loves her. He is the child whose actions show me that perhaps I'm doing something right as a parent. On second thought, maybe that's not it...he probably just came that way. But to be fair, he does his share of teasing and torturing like most brothers!

And Little Missy, well...despite the fact that we've never labeled her as such, she IS the princess of the family, and I crack up that she labeled her own darn self as that. She does have her daddy wrapped tightly around her pinkie, and her genuinely sweet spunk is irresistible (even to her siblings most of the time).

Don't get me wrong....of course, I don't love her anymore than any of my other kiddos. They are each delightful to me in their own ways. But I can tell she is definitely the baby and I have had more time to spend with her by herself. I have relished being home alone with her before kindergarten while her siblings are all in school.

These little creatures are pretty amazing in the things they learn, pick up, and perceive at such an early age. Despite my chuckles at her drawing and currently accurate description or her siblings, I hope those thoughts of her brothers and sister aren't lasting. I hope I can foster in her, as well as each of her siblings, enough love, values, good teachings, and a happy outlook that will outweigh the negative moments and stay with them throughout their lives. {SIGH} Motherhood is a delightfully difficult challenge, isn't it?


  1. Tell Little Missy that if she needs so love and attention all she needs to do is call me and she can come stay with me!! I just had to giggle and just could see this happening.

  2. Oh Shelli! I just love this commentary. Too, too sweet. I think you ought to frame her paper dolls! ;) I cracked up with Mr. T. Yes...I've got that age, too. LOL


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