Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Decor, and a Chat with Lorraine of "Event Envy"

Well, I promised more photos and decor ideas from last week's wedding celebration, along with some info about Lorraine's business. So, here we are!

First of all, I loved the colors of the event: hot pink and tangerine sprinkled with a little lime green. It was such a fresh and unique color combo. Above, we have the cake, designed by Desi, (and two of the orange lilies are actually made completely of sugar. Amazing!)

I fell in love with these flower arrangements from the moment I first saw them. They were tall enough that while sitting at the table, the flowers were above eye level, and you could still converse with the people across from you. Brilliant! And don't you love the limes in the bottom of the vase?

Another specialty that Lorraine's business offers is constructing false ceilings for your event. The draping of the ceiling, mixed with the lights was just so delicate and lovely. The covered chairs and tied ribbons also added a romantic flair.

Here we have the bouquet toss....

And guess who ended up with it? Yep--Little Missy, herself, proud as could be.

The "Thank You" table with boxes full of chocolate truffles for the taking(offered with "hugs and kisses" from the happy couple)...

And the final touch of the night...the arch of super-long sparklers for the newlyweds to run under as they took off for the evening.

So, if you are in the market for event planners, you can't go wrong with Lorraine Knox and her partner, Brenda Andreasen, who run the business, "Event Envy." They cater any event from corporate lunches, to baby and bridal showers, to private dinners, and of course weddings and receptions. Although they are based out of Las Vegas, they regularly travel to neighboring states for a variety of events, and most recently, Utah and Idaho.

I got to visit for quite a while with Lorraine before, during, and after this wedding reception. I find her business fascinating, and even decided that in my next life, perhaps I'll ask her to hire me as her go-fer-girl!

In chatting with her, she told me that the trademark of their company which sets them apart from their competition is this: They gladly customize everything. Whereas some catering companies have limited lists of menu items or decor to choose from, Lorraine and Brenda will tailor the details of your event to your specific preferences and style.

Feel free to email them at with any catering inquiries you may have. They'll be happy to help you!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Shelli you got some fun pics! Great description of the wonderful evening, Lorraine was absolutely wonderful! You were such a big help thank you so much! We are now added to the blog world so keep it touch! Love you!


  2. How lovely! They did an amazing job!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! That dropped ceiling sure had a nice effect and I agree with you on the colors. So vibrant and beautiful! I LOVE the idea of the whole limes inside the vase.


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