Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Lesson: "The Golden Windows"

Today as I reflect on my dear Dad, I am reminded of so many things he taught me and how his words and actions have influenced me significantly. He was truly my siblings' and my moral compass. Whenever in doubt, we could, and still do ask, "What would Dad do?" and the answer to many dilemmas are instantly solved. He created a way of thinking in us that has formed our outlook on life to a great degree. I remember several stories he would tell us to make a point and teach us a life lesson.

One such story was that of the "Golden Windows". Perhaps you've heard it before. Dad's version goes like this: A young man lived across the valley from another cottage, and each morning when the sun rose behind his own home, he could see the "windows made of gold" on the faraway house reflecting back to him. His wonder soon turned into unshakable desire, until one day he set out on a quest to find these windows of gold. He travelled all day, and as he arrived at the cottage across the valley, the sun was just setting behind the long-pursued home. To his great disappointment, he discovered the windows of his desire were simply windows of glass, and not of the gold he had perceived all this time. Sadly, he turned to gaze back toward his own home, and to his amazement, saw that his own windows gleamed of gold in the sunset. The lesson: "Everything we desire and want is right where we are---we just need to recognize it all for what it truly is. Choose to be grateful for the blessings we already have."

I miss my Dad greatly, as he's been gone for nearly 10 years. I am still grateful for, and remember the numerous lessons I learned from him in the daily, ordinary moments of life. His influence continues as I frequently reflect on those teachings, and strive to improve myself and become a better person. How thankful I am for a loving father.

May you each have a lovely Father's Day--


  1. so true!
    hope to catch up with you guys over the 4th of july, do you have plans??? we are blessing jillian on the 5th, would luv to have you come down to we are having a pool party the night of july 3rd...bring the kidos and let's party! we need to call you! *cami

  2. Wow Shelli. I was very touched by this post. I really enjoyed reading that story- I had not heard of it before, but I think I need to put that in my files for sure. Sounds like your dad was a wonderful man. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this story. James Marvin Wray was such an amazing man, I also miss him. Whenever I think of your dad I remember those family home evenings at Grandma and Grandpa's house just after Jim and I were married. Each week when I got my "homework" sheet I would study so hard to make sure that I got my answers correct, so afraid that I would make a fool of myself and give the wrong answer. But then I would giggle when Grandma would come to FHE unprepared and try to fool us as she filled in her answers as she was reading, and then your dad would get frustrated and point out what verse the answer was in. I loved it! Good times. Thanks for sharing your story, I can't wait to share it with my kids. I would love to hear more stories that I could pass down to them. How fortunate your are to have those beautiful memories of your dad.


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