Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday!! New Kesler Video...

Chances are, if you have a teenager, you may be familiar with the popular (or rather, unpopular) version of the song, "Friday"...

Well, the crazy Kesler family who brought you the "Jump" and "Deck the Rooftop" videos now has a new video to Glee's version of "Friday".... A fitting song to kick off the weekend!

Filmed at their recent week-long family reunion, you'll see once again the silliness and fun that permeates the entire clan (2 parents, 7 adult kids, 6 spouses, and twenty-something grandchildren). Watch for the famous belly flop, and notice the two dozing off at the very end---yes, they're truly asleep.

It's Friday!!! Eat your heart out, Rebecca Black.


  1. LOVED IT!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Okay...that video was totally cool. Everyone is so big now...makes me feel like a grown up...the kesler's get the cool family award.


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