Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Reunions with the "Cardboard People"

Summer, as always, has been jam-packed for our family, and there are still a few weeks left to enjoy! Many of you have enjoyed family reunions already, and perhaps some of you still have some to look forward to. Here's a little idea for those of you who may be in charge of your next get-together: Invite some relatives from the past to join you! Sounds a little weird? Not on:

Last summer, my siblings and I were in charge of our extended family reunion for all the aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mother's side. This is one of those events that only happen every other year, and one in which it is tricky knowing how to make it special when you really don't see these people very often, and there is not much time for getting reacquainted. And, we wanted to figure out how to connect us all, being that our grandparents and most of their children (our aunts and uncles) had passed away.....

My sister came up with a fabulous idea for bringing our grandparents to the reunion, and it involved a little help from the Cardboard People at Advanced Graphics.

You've seen the life-sized posters at the theaters and party shops of Harry Potter, Elvis, Luke Skywalker, and a million more. Many of those are manufactured and distributed by some friends of mine that own Advanced Graphics. Not only do they print cardboard cut-outs of famous people, they will customize life-sized cardboard print-outs of your personal pictures for your own event. What fun!

So we sent them a photo of my grandparents, and within a short amount of time, we had in our possession, a life-sized image of them to display at the reunion. (As a side note...the variance in the color that you see in the photo of the cut-out is a result of some lack of clarity in the original photo.)

Needless to say, the poster of our beloved grandparents was the hit of the reunion. My aunt started crying when she first saw their images greeting all of our relatives on the lawn, and of course, before they left, everyone wanted their photos taken with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a hoot!

These two in the photo below won the "Look-alike" Contest...can you see the resemblance to our grandparents in these cousins of mine?

So, the next time you have a get-together, consider inviting some relatives from the past and allowing them to join your party with a little help from the Cardboard People at Advanced Graphics. It is sure to make for some fun memories and some great photo ops!

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