Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A "Sweet" Hanging Heart that is Sew Easy (and Free!), plus a Printable Note of Friendship!

Every month, I get the exciting opportunity to create a sewing project for You Can Make This. With the month of love upon us, I couldn't resist the notion of a patchy, heart-shaped pin cushion. Visit the You Can Make This website to download the quick and easy instructions! I forgot to mention that its also FREE!

In addition to using this heart as only a pin cushion, think of the possibilities...
What about a hanging Valentine for one of your kidlets? Take a look at what Micki did for her daughters to hang in their rooms: I love that she embroidered their names on them! Too cute!

Or how about a sweet token for a dear friend? You could certainly have fun embroidering their names on them like Micki did, or simply pin a note to the heart like this:

Click on the image to print a sheet of your own if you'd like! (As a disclaimer, I am not a computer whiz, and for the life of me can't get those columns straight in my Word document, no matter how I try! Sorry!)

Take some inspiration for a hanging heart of your own from these images produced by my team of fabulous testers! I love how unique and different each one is.

Thank you, testers! You are the best! I'd love to see images from the rest of you out there in blogland too!

Have a great day!


  1. All the hearts look great! Thanks for posting mine :-)

  2. Sew cute! ha ha ha, I am so punny! You will be proud to know I borrowed my mom's sewing machine to attempt some baby leg warmers, etc. for my soon to arrive niece.

    Oh, and thanks for linking up!

  3. My goodness I love all the variety.


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