Friday, July 31, 2009


So, my friends, I have a surprise for you! I couldn't very well have a Christmas in July pattern promo, and not have a fun give-away to go with it! (Even though July is now over!)

I'm giving away a "Needle in a Haystack" Christmas shelf pillow that is just perfect to be tucked inside the branches of, or underneath your Christmas tree, positioned near the fireplace, or placed atop a shelf during the holiday season. It measures approximately 7" x 8".

The hand-embroidery pattern for this design has been available only seasonally so far, and will soon be available for purchase online. I'll be sure to keep you posted on that! But for those of you out there who machine embroider, you are in luck, as the design is already available here at if you are interested.

You have until Sunday, August 9 at midnight to enter, and the winner will be chosen through a random drawing and posted on Monday, August 10. Here's how you can enter:

1. Leave me a comment on this post, and let me know you're out there!

2. Become a follower, or if you are already a follower, leave me a comment to add another chance for winning.

3. Post about this give-away on your own blog, and leave me a comment with your blog address to let me know where I can find it.

4. Grab a "Needle in a Haystack" button and again, leave me a comment to let me know where I can find it.

So, you have four chances of winning! Tell your friends, spread the word, and good luck!


  1. Your Christmas shelf pillow is gorgeous!...and I LOVE to machine embroider, so I will definitely have to visit and get the digitized design. I was so excited when a couple months ago I found you/your blog via a search for fellow stitchers on Twitter - your embroidery designs are so creative and fresh - it is always a treat to visit your blog and see what you are working on!


  2. Belinda, thanks for your sweet comment! And I see you are a new follower as well. Thank you!

  3. Your things are so very cute and how could I pass up something that is already made for me? :)

  4. As you know, I featured you and posted about the giveaway on Technically, the post won't be up until tomorrow being that it is Feature Friday and all. :)

  5. Shelli, I knew you were amazing but I had no idea to the extent!!! I love your needlework and your blog. I am a follower! (I'll post our site but it won't be updated for another month.. I'm really bad!) WOW!

  6. Shelli,
    That is so stinkin' cute. You are always coming up with such cute things. I love them. I love to check your blog and see what new things you have come up with and what things I could even THINK about making. My email address is

  7. Of course I love your pillow! When ever I see what you are making great memories come to mind. I need to start stitching again!!

  8. I do already follow you blog as well! Maybe I can win with a couple of posts.

  9. This pillow is adorable. Please enter me.

  10. This pillow is beautiful! Now I'm all excited for Christmas... :)

  11. Shelli, I love you, I love everything you make! This is darling. Everything Shelli does is AWESOME! Love You, Dana...

  12. So cute! What a fun way to start thinking about Christmas.

  13. And following on twitter... :)


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