Monday, August 10, 2009

"Christmas After July" Give-Away Winner!

I want to thank each of you festive folks for participating in the "Christmas After July" Give-Away! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for some Christmas fun when most of you are sweating in the heat and thinking about getting those kidlets "Back to School". (I just sent mine back today...imagine the happy dance going on in my house right now.)

So...the results for drawing are in from, and the lucky winner of our drawing is:

Scott and Katie Ulrich Family!

"That is so stinkin' cute. You are always coming up with such cute things. I love them. I love to check your blog and see what new things you have come up with and what things I could even THINK about making."

Congratulations! (And thank you for saying such nice things! I'll get in touch with you for your postal address so I can get this sent out to you this week!)

Now, I hate for there to be non-winners. It stinks when you're one of them. I really wanted each of you to have this pillow! So after some thinking on this, I've decided that each of you that were so kind to play along with my give-away game will be receiving the instructions to make your own. (I will be happy to help any of you who are feeling unsure about this. I will hold your hand through the process if you need it, and you will have success--I promise!) This e-Book has not yet been released online, so all of you will be the first to have them in your hot little hands via the magic of email.

The e-Book contains the patterns and complete instructions to stitch and sew the "Celebrate the Season" pillow shown in the give-away, along with two additional holiday designs. The e-Book is still in its final stages, but should be completed and sent out to each of you by the end of this week. (Hurrah!!) It should be available for purchase through and within the next few weeks.

So, once again, thanks a bunch for playing along, and congratulations to our winner! We'll do it again!


  1. Darn!! Why do I always find cute blogs like yours AFTER the fun give aways!! You have the most darling needlework patterns. Glad I found you! (even if I am late for the give away!)

  2. Shelli - thank you so much for your generosity! I have already downloaded a bunch of your machine embroidery designs from, so when I receive the pillow instructions, I will be ready. Can't wait for my e-Book - thank you!!

  3. Hey sister Christiansen! Sister Day gave us your website address to that we could look at the cool dishwrags that we wanted you to teach us how to make. They are so good! You are way talented at it! Well, gotta go!-Cassie Wilson

  4. I am glad you came across my blog. I was going to post a comment for you to come check it out but just hadn't gotten to it quite yet so I guess you found me first. Thanks for the idea. And I love all your embroidery patterns by the way. Want to buy them all, but I don't have time to make them right now. Glad I know where to come.
    Thanks again.

  5. Shelli, I love that last pillow and I noticed it has a different fabric than I've seen. Almost pre-quilted looking texture. What is that called and where can I get some? I love it!

    I love your stuff!

  6. Thanks, Micki! The fabric is called "sandcastle" fabric and is often used by quilters. I can find it in a variety of colors at my local quilt shop: blue, pink, tan, white, and brown. I love stitching with it because it is thicker than cotton or muslin, and hides the floss and knots from underneath the fabric. However, because of that same thickness, it can be tricky to trace patterns onto, but it is possible! Sometimes I print two copies of a pattern: one to use for tracing, and the other to use as a reference to make sure I don't miss anything. Good luck!


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