Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Candybox Pillow---Free Project Available at You Can Make This!

I'm so excited to share with you my latest project (don't forget it's FREE!) that's available over at You Can Make This. It was great fun to create and put together. It really is a project that beginners and experienced sewers alike, can make successfully. It only requires some cutting of circles, and a bit of machine sewing. Sewing the flowers and tulle onto the front is not as intimidating as you might imagine---It's actually really fun to see how it all comes together!

My group of fabulous testers have been at it again---giving the project a try before it was released to the general public, just to make sure all the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted. Their feedback was very valuable, and their creations turned out so darling!! Take a quick look:

I love the contrast of this fabric and the stunning red of the heart which was created my my sweet friend, Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs:

And how sweet and romantic is this pillow from Michelle?

I struggled with what to name this pillow, and one of my testers, Sandy, wrote to me telling me how it reminded her of a box of Valentine's candy. She suggested the name, "Candybox Pillow", and I thought it was so unique and clever. Thank you, Sandy! She decided to hand-sew her flowers into place as she liked a more fluffy appearance.

I was excited to see Christianne's pillow, as she went outside the box to create with non-traditional brown and white fabric. Isn't it chic?

And Tiffany's pillow with the red heart and black and white toile is classic and beautiful.

As you can see, there are so many possibilities, and so many options when choosing your fabric to achieve a variety of looks. Run over to You Can Make This and get your free Candybox Pillow Project, and make something sweet this month!


  1. It was so good to visit yesterday. How I miss you. But I had to laugh at the title of "you can make this" because I am pretty sure I cannot make this. HAHA! I LOVE it though and its ADORABLE! I miss you FRIEND!

  2. Oh, Dana...if you can measure and construct those massive panels for your window treatments, you could certainly make this little ol' pillow! I miss you too, and loved our conversation--it felt just like you were down the street again. Hugs to you, friend!

  3. I am definitely making one of these! I was just thinking how I am seriously lacking in the V-day decorations around here. I love the idea of using nontraditional colors w/ the classic heart motif...& I have the perfect fabric in my stash!


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