Sunday, January 10, 2010


When asking about what I do with embroidery or sewing, I've had a few friends respond to me before that they are just not creative. Have you ever felt that way? I know that I have about various things. While stitching and sewing may sometimes come sort of easily to me, there are other things that certainly do not.

As I've thought more about my friends' comments, however, I have to differ with their thoughts. I have found myself somewhat envious of the things they do create. Each and every one is creative in her own way. One friend who has said this is extremely creative in her cooking--making delicious meals for her family and friends in the neighborhood who are in need. And, she creates a haven of a home---it's always so calm and welcoming to be there.

Another friend creates peace in her home through her organizational talents and structure. Her kids put things where they belong and are familiar with their daily routines and schedule. Her home runs smoothly and peaceably as a result of her creation of organization.

And yet, another friend creates fun and joy for the rest of us through her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life. I always feel motivated and uplifted after being around her or reading her blog---she just knows intuitively how to create happiness in others.

If you've ever felt un-creative, think again. I love this message that is found on YouTube. No matter your religious beliefs, this message about creating is inspirational to all who believe in a Higher Power. May we all realize the power within us to create.


  1. I LOVE this message. It always inspires me to keep being creative. It seems so obvious when we look at the wonders of this earth and know that God created it. Keep on creating!

  2. One of my all-time favorite messages out there. Thank you Shelli!


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