Wednesday, August 4, 2010

T-Shirt Give Away Results

The summer has been crammed full, and I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis! For the entire month of July, at least one person in the home was gone during each week ...We started the month with a family vacation, followed by my oldest son on "Trek" (I'll explain in a later post--believe me, it has nothing to do with "Star Trek"), another gone to scout camp the next week, followed by my oldest son again leaving for a scout pack trip, and myself at Girls' Camp for the Young Women in our area. It has been great fun and oh, so busy, and I am grateful to have it behind me!

So now that I can breathe again, I'm excited to share some of my t-shirts with my readers! Let's get right to it. chose the following two numbers:

Congratulations to comments 8 and 13 which belong to Lori C. and Cami K.! I will get in touch with you both for your t-shirt sizes and preferences. Thanks to all for joining in with my summer fun!

Love to all,


  1. Shelli, I was so proud of myself I figured out how to put your cute button on my blog. Whoo Whoo! I just love you and I love your blog. It is happiness just like you are to everyone that knows you. Just wanted to say LOVE YA LOTS! Dana...

  2. Aw, Dana...that means the world to me! Thank you so much! Love you too!

  3. Thanks Shelli for the comment on Dana's blog. We do miss everyone in the other ward so much. Blake was so happy to know someone in 1st grade the first day of school, it makes it so fun.

  4. Thanks, Heather! My little one was happy to know that she got to sit by Blake in class too! By the way, I love your profile darling!

  5. Hi Shelli! I can't believe that I won!!! I am so excited to have the famous Shelli shirt! You are so great! Love you!!! Lori C.

  6. cami k...would that be me!!???? im not sure if ive ever won anything in my lfie, sad but true :) ive had that snicker salad, and im not writing down the recipe...ya its addicting and too good!
    can you believe we are making the move to UT??!! better be seeing you more often!


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