Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Totally Wicked Experience!

(Okay, corny title, I know...but it just fits so well!) Now that it's over, I can truthfully say that being on Studio 5 (a local NBC daytime show) was pretty "wicked", indeed.

But before I tell you about it, if you've not had a chance, be sure to stop by You Can Make This to download your FREE "Wicked" Embroidery Project that was featured on Studio 5. It consists of the Back Stitch only (perfect for beginners or experienced stitchers, alike!), and a little gluing on of some sparkling ebony crystals. Pop it into a frame, and you have a new bit of Halloween decor that features a little festive bling. You can literally finish the whole thing in just a few hours! It was designed to be quick and painless, and fun! I promise, you can do this--even if you've never tried embroidery before.

And the image below shows just the spider embroidered and sewn into a holiday door ornament. You can find the FREE download for the instructions on making this hanger HERE. (And by the way, my 6 year old helped to stitch this particular spider...I did part of it, but she did a big chunk of it and loved it! This is a great activity for the kiddos too!)

So my Studio 5 experience was really terrific, although a bit stressful at the same time! I was kept pretty darn busy with preparing for the show and keeping up with my family, and I admit, the night before the show I had a bit of a meltdown. What in the world had I agreed to? I'm too old for this kind of stress! All I could keep thinking of was those episodes of the Brady Bunch (or some classic show I remember watching) when some character happened to be on the air for the first time, and as soon as the red light from the camera came on, he or she simply stood there frozen in place, paralyzed. (And what spells "Epic Fail" more than submitting yourself to be on live TV????)

Well, after a few conversations with my hubby and my sister, and some deep breaths, they eventually talked me down off the ledge, and I started to relax a little....(Okay, so it wasn't quite that dramatic, but I was having some serious anxiety!)

Of course, I was nervous the morning of the show, but the folks there at Studio 5 were amazing. They were so friendly, and warm, and I instantly felt as though I had new friends in the world. One of the show's producers, Stephanie, that I'm here with in this photo, was especially fabulous.

She has a knack of filling you with confidence and believing in you whole-heartedly. She and I had worked on this segment together over the phone and through emails, but meeting her in person was a treat. She immediately put me at ease as she helped me set up my display and talked me through the last-minute particulars of how the segment would flow.

And then Brooke Walker, the host I worked with was remarkable as well. I have a new-found appreciation for the gifts and talents that talk show hosts/anchors have. She did not skip a beat, and knew just how to propel the conversation to help cover the details of the project I had prepared. I have watched her since with new admiration as she so aptly flows through any segment effortlessly. She is truly a kind and lovely person to work with.

And...there is a point in the segment where she ever-so-kindly rescued me from a little bobble! The one thing in the segment that I didn't prepare for was the stitching demonstration, because , well....I figured I know how to do that, right? Well, I didn't consider having to embroider with my hoop facing away from me and toward the camera. Should have practiced that part, I'm thinking now. I was holding the hoop at an awkward angle and my needle wouldn't go through the fabric with ease, and popped out of my hand. Oh, my. But Brooke found a way for us to laugh about it, and I managed to go forward.

So here is the Studio 5 segment...(just watch with kind eyes, okay? ) And don't forget to get your free download!


  1. Shelli, that's so exciting! You didn't look nervous at all and I thought the segment was great. Thanks for posting it here so we could see. And thank you for the free pattern!

    I hope all is well with you and yours :)


  2. I just had to tell you again - AWESOME JOB friend. Now, the rest of the state knows what we who already know you realize. YOU ARE AMAZING! I love you TONS! I loved our visit today! Love Ya, Dana...

  3. Shelli, how fun! I thought you did a great job! I would have been scared to death and you seemed very calm even though I'm sure you were nervous. Thanks for posting it for us to see because I missed it today.

  4. I have been wanting to call you all week Shelli! You did such a wonderful job! I think you have found your new calling in life! I thought you were very calm and well spoken! It was so much fun to see you on TV and hear you talk about something that is so close to us STITCHING! I can't wait to see you and hear more about it! Love you so much! lori

  5. Holy Cow - you were AWESOME!!! You didn't look or sound nervous one bit. And I loved the needle popping out. That WAS serious pressure and you handled it so gracefully. My Aunt is famous everyone!! I love you Shelli. I think it's phenomenal - all that you've done - creating your own business, making time for something you love, sharing your art form. You're amazing. Grandma would be so proud. I love you!

  6. Fantastic job, Shelli! You came off like a pro - and what a fabulous showcase of your work. Bravo!

  7. Shelli,
    That was a great job! You are like an old pro now! That project was so cute and you did a great job explaining it. I am actually considering trying my attempt at the project. So well done on convinicing even those of us who are not crafty to give it a try!!

  8. Just want to say thanks to you all for your sweet comments and kind words! You're the best! And Christel, thanks for letting me know that you *might* be convinced to give it a try! That's my goal--I promise you don't have to be crafty. You can totally do this. I'm here for you!!!

  9. So cool! Can I get your autograph next time? Your projects are always so cute!

  10. How fun! Every time I see something new you have made makes me want to stich I haven't done it forever some days I think I wish I had a little project to do. I may have to whip this one up.
    How are things? I hope you all are doing good!! Miss you all

  11. OMGosh Shelli! You are so amazing! I would have been shaking like a leaf! This is such a step forward for all stitchers and stitchery designers!!! I am so grateful for you!


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