Monday, May 2, 2011

I Am a Mother...

Today begins Studio 5's kickoff of the 10 Day "Motherhood Matters" Challenge. It's all about remembering and celebrating our most honorable and influential job...that of being a mother. If you haven't heard about it, I invite you to take a look. The challenge is simple, yet keeps in the forefront of our minds why we do what we do, and reminds us of how important motherhood is.

In addition, they are offering four printable quotes like the one pictured here for free. What a great and simple gift for a sweet mother or for yourself! I'm excited to get mine framed and displayed.

So, my we look ahead to Mother's Day and ponder on our own mothers, let's also celebrate our own role, whether we are aunts, cousins, sisters, daughters or mothers. We all have a vital role in the lives of each other.

I am a Mother...


  1. Shelli, Happy Mother's Day Dearest Friend. I miss you and your stories and awesome teaching moments. I hope you know I think you are on the of the most awesome Mom's I have ever known. I was just thinking of your lesson on "No Empty Chairs" just this morning. Love Ya, DAna...

  2. luv this shelli! hope you had a GREAT mother's day!!!

  3. Dear Shelli, I know we talk almost every day or every other day (well text anyway) but I thought I should tell you. YES, I have noticed your lack of blogging lately. I miss your insights and awesome teachings. Remember I always tell you YOU ARE THE BEST teacher EVER! So get back on the bandwagon and teach me a few more lessons. Love You Friend, Dana...


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