Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whimsical Wintry Wreath

It good to be blogging again! It has been an arduous and challenging season of health for me and my family. (Aarrgh!) Hopefully we have all built up plenty of immunities to last us for another decade!

I finally got my Christmas decor down the other day, (woot!) but my front door felt a little drab and lonely missing the festive wreath. I found this little snowman guy that I had forgotten about when putting away my Christmas items, and determined I needed to find him a place in my home during the month of January.

I also spotted a segment on our local daytime show, Studio 5 that showed how to make cute wreaths from rolled up copies of sheet music.

In a moment of creative frenzy, I decided I wanted to pair my snowman guy and these paper rolls to create a new wintry wreath for my door. I found the details here at and went to work.

I made copies of three wintry songs on some ivory paper I had laying around and began rolling.

Now, if you try this wreath, I might suggest a variation from the directions on Kristine McKay's site, as they didn't quite work for me...

Instead of stapling four rolls together, then gluing, I found it easier and faster to simply glue each roll to the next with hot glue, creating the circle and wreath. However, be sure to still pinch the narrow end of the roll flat before gluing (as if it were stapled to another), so that the rolls will nest together as they form the circle. Is that clear as mud???

I also added a cardboard stabilizer on both sides of the completed wreath with hot glue, then glued my little guy right onto the cardboard circle. There was no cost involved in the wreath portion, so I figure that if I get tired of it, or no longer care for it, I can simply tear it from the back of my snowman guy and he will still look just fine. Easy, easy!!! And I think he's kind of cute on the wreath.

A funny thing, son had a friend over and as I was taking him home one afternoon, the two boys commented on the new wreath as we pulled away from the house. When the word "snowman" entered into the conversation, my son's friend did a double-take and said, "That's a snowman? Oh...I thought it was a turkey!" I couldn't fault him as I could see the resemblance from afar with my eyes squinted. Oh, well! At least it's something new to look at, and I had fun putting it together!

Merry January!


  1. Adorable! Great idea using something existing! I am lazy and skipped winter decor and went straight to Valentine's.

  2. I love the snowman in the middle of the wreath! Super cute! :)

  3. I love this! I guess I will have to make my own little snowman though, ;( Or maybe I can find a good winter clearance somewhere. Guess I've gotta shop--yay!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea. And, I am so glad someone else is celebrating winter, too!

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