Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve...Do You Know Where Your Shoes Are?

It's New Year's Eve...and at our house, that means a visit from the New Year's Elf. It's a tradition from my childhood that my mother passed down to us from her father.

Simply put your shoes under the Christmas tree (if it is still up---a fake ficus or large plant works too, we have discovered!) and the New Year's Elf will fill the shoes with treats, money, goodies, and trinkets to ring in the New Year.

So, it's New Year's you know where your shoes are?
Happy 2011!


  1. That looks like such a fun tradition. I hope I get a minute to stop at the store for some goodies. My kids will love this.

  2. All these years we lived across the street and now that we are gone, I find out that I could have put my shoes under your tree and got treats!!! No Fair! That is a fun tradition and so special to be passed down from your Grandpa! We miss ya! Caleb and I will be in town next Friday, we will swing by after school and catch up if you are gonna be around!

  3. Happy New Year to you Shelli! Love the tradition, it makes things so fun..

  4. Our shoes are under the tree!! :)

  5. shelli! this was the first year i jumped on board with the elf...but obviously i need to leave my shoes under YOUR tree! the girls luved it!

    i am so glad your lamonya is gone! the letter was pretty priceless...sounds like you had some amazing experiences in december, sometimes lemons make us realize how sweet life really can be.

    *i replied to your comment on my blog...hope to see you guys soon!

  6. Our shoes were definitely under the tree! I love that tradition and Scott does as well!


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