Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grow Your Own Easter Grass!

I was so excited last week when my friend Cassie showed me how to grow my own Easter grass! It's so simple, and so much fun. She uses wheat berries, soaks them overnight in water, then places them in a shallow layer over soil in a container or basket. Keeping the soil and the wheat damp (not soaked) with a spray bottle in the first few days until the wheat sprouts is key. She even suggests loosely placing plastic wrap over the top of the baskets to help hold in the moisture. Within just a few days, the wheat sprouts, and in a week's time, it is 4 to 5 inches tall! Cassie has written the details and of this process at her blog, and has some beautiful photos of wheat grass she has grown.

One thing I did not anticipate when I planted my grass was the curiosity and involvement of my kids in the whole process---even my oldest teenage boy got involved in spraying the wheat regularly along with everyone else. Every time the kids would walk past the basket, they'd give it a spray and were fascinated to see it sprout and grow.

I'm just starting a new batch tonight to have some more containers growing before Easter. This is such a fun, easy, and rewarding project to create a little springtime magic. You will love it!


  1. And you know, it is highly nutritious, and hides well in smoothies. So, when Easter's done, get in some grazing. ;)

  2. Isn't it funny how kids get so excited about growing things? Mine do too, so much! Love the Easter grass!

  3. I love that container! Thanks so much for posting on Favorite Things Friday!

  4. I have always wanted to do this for Easter, it looks so fresh and fun. Where do you get wheat berries? I have to do this next year!

  5. "Wheat berries" is just another name for the wheat kernels that many of us have in buckets in our basements! It's the same stuff that you grind up for whole wheat flour---why they are called wheat berries, I'm not sure!


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