Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brian Regan T-Shirt Design Contest: Please Come Vote...(for me)!!!

If funny-man Brian Regan, himself, were to autograph your t-shirt at the end of his sold-out, high-energy, hilariously entertaining comedy show, what would he write? It just might be a line from his comedy act that would describe it all:

It's true and it's crazy...I happen to be one of five finalists in a t-shirt design contest at for his 2010 Tour! This is the design that I entered with those thoughts in the back of my brain as I was creating.

The public gets to vote for the winning design, and I would be oh, so grateful to all of you if you could find it in your big hearts to stop over there to give me your vote!

The direct link is here: My design is #1: Shelli Christiansen. And I would triple {heart} you all with sugar and cherries on top if you'd be willing to tweet, text, blog, post on Facebook, or anything else to spread the word! My boys, especially, are my biggest cheerleaders to date, and would appreciate that more than anyone! Read on if you want to hear how I ended up on this crazy adventure...

Who's Brian Regan, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. He is a comedian that our family became enamored with a few years ago. He's brilliantly gifted in finding the humor in the simple experiences of every-day life. On top of that, his act is clean and very family friendly, which has made it possible for my whole crew to enjoy. As I mentioned, my boys, especially, are huge fans. They have everything possibly downloadable of his on their i-pods, and many of his jokes have wormed their way into our family's day-to-day vocabulary.

Can you see why we love this guy?! So a few months ago, we noticed on the Brian Regan website that he was sponsoring a t-shirt design contest. I immediately suggested the idea to my oldest son who is a terrific artist. He was interested, and excited, but struggled getting it put together with school and other activities he was involved in at the time. We had talked so much about it, that I started fiddling with ideas myself and came up with a few designs of my own.

The day before the deadline, with my boys egging me on, I threw together a final draft and FedEx-ed the designs to the contest address. I rolled my eyes on the way home thinking, "there goes twenty bucks on overnight shipping that I'll never see again..." Imagine our great surprise when we checked the website just the other night to see that my design was one of the final five! My little family erupted in cheers, and we were all amazed to discover our great luck!

To vote is easy. Simply click on this link which will take you directly to the contest finalists. My design is #1: Shelli Christiansen. Again, I would be so happy (as would my kids!) for your vote! (My littlest one said to me when we discovered I was a finalist, "Mommy, if we win, can we go to Disneyland?" I had to grin and reply, "Absolutely.") And one of the prizes for winning would be backstage passes to meet Brian himself. The boys would be in heaven for that.

Now a word about my may notice that it is simple and not as flashy as some of the other finalist's designs; like I said earlier, a line from his act that he might write in a message or as part of his autograph.

When I think of Brian Regan, to me, he is a simple, hometown boy with an inner-nerd who has learned to laugh at himself, and that we can easily connect with. You know, he was the little kid playing center field only so he could have a snow cone at the end of the game; the kid whose science fair project was a cup of dirt; the guy who says "Take Luck" at the wrong moment when he jumbles up the phrases, "Take Care," and "Good Luck!"

The brilliance of his humor lies in the simplicity of finding the absurd and hilarity in daily occurrences. Hopefully, my design reflects that simplicity of his humor.

I can't thank you enough for your vote and for spreading the word!


  1. I voted for ya! Your 'T' was by far the best one entered. Good luck.

  2. Way to go Shelli! I just voted for my favorite gal!!! I would love to put the link on my Facebook. But, I'm not sure how. I will see if Phil can help me. Love You!!! Lori

  3. Voted last night for you! I'll pass the word on! You're awesome Shelli. I had no clue who Brian Regan was until now. I know. My head is in the sand. Reading your post made me think what a cool with-it Mom you are! Let's hope you win!! Your design is hands-down the best!

  4. I voted!!!! I have to agree that your design was the best.
    Miss you guys I need to come visit.

  5. Love Brian Regan. Going to vote for you right now.

  6. What a fun shirt! I want one! Well all of facebook is voting for you right now :) You got this in the bag!

  7. Done! We're fans over here too. Good luck!

  8. posted on my facebook page...have over 400 friends so I hope that will help you :) you're awesome and I love your story!! Brian Regan is hilarious!!!

  9. I love, love, love Brian Regan! "Girth units!" and "tell them you're shot!" it kills me every.single.time!

    I'll vote for you right now! Good Luck!

  10. Congratulations Shelli!...I love your design...I voted and tweeted for you...
    I hope you are voted the winner!

  11. I LOVE THIS GUY!!! He is so dang funny. We have his act on CD "I Walked on the Moon." We have watched it over and over and still die laughing every time. I am so excited for you! I'm going to go over and vote. I will also blog about it and tweet!!!! Woohoo! This is awesome!

  12. I put my vote in for you.. Good Luck!

  13. Brian Regan is my favorite!!! I voted for you! You are lucky yours is the first one on there! Thanks for posting at Favorite Things Friday and for the nice comment!

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