Saturday, August 8, 2009

"A Little Tipsy" Thanks!

If you haven't had a chance yet, please click here to direct you to a "Christmas After July" home decor shelf pillow that I'm giving away to a lucky winner on Monday, August 10! You have until midnight on Sunday, August 9 to enter!

I have been a super lucky gal this week, as another new Blogland friend interviewed me and invited me to be a spotlight on her blog as well. It's been a little crazy around here!

I met a darling person at the "Moms Who Make It" Conference held earlier in July. I was sitting next to her at lunch, and as we were all getting to know each other, I was excited to learn that she had a blog called "A Little Tipsy" and I happened to already be one of her followers! She is a delightful person, and her blog is full of clever "tips" she's gathered and created, hence her blog name (it's not what you might think at first!).

You can see us at lunch in the photo above... Michelle from "A Little Tipsy" is on the far left, followed by Me Myself. Next to me is another hilarious gal named Jen who was representing Boutique Cafe. Next to her are my comrades and dear friends from You Can Make This: Kris (momentarily invisible in the chair next to Jen, but she looks a lot like her twin Kim), Kim, and Sherrie.

So I just wanted to send a huge "THANKS" her way for taking the time to spotlight "Needle in a Haystack"! Check out her blog---she's got great ideas for gifts, showers, birthdays, home decor, organizing, you name it. And if you're not totally sick of reading quirky tidbits and factoids about me, you can visit her interview of me here:

Now, on to other business....I'm guessing some of you out there are feeling rather shy about commenting about this give-away that I'm sponsoring, or that you hate thinking about Christmas in the summer, or perhaps you really hate festive home decor items, or absolutely don't want to get a jump start on your Christmas gift shopping. ...Aww, I'm just teasing about all that.

But really, I'd love for each of you to have the chance to win the holiday pillow I'm giving away. (I made it with my own two little hands!) Click here to be directed to the give away, and if you like what you see, please leave me a comment and you'll automatically be entered to win! You have until Sunday, August 9th at midnight to enter.

Thanks, and good luck!

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