Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simplistic Beauty

Time goes so quickly, and I am in shock that it is already November! But if you have read my blog before in past Novembers, you'll remember that it is one of my favorite months. I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving, the relief of having Halloween over, and the anticipation of looking forward to the Christmas Holiday!

As I was sorting through photos today I was reminded of some that I have been wanting to share...My cute little neighbor Chelsea that used to babysit my kiddos got married a few months ago, and I got to help with some of the set-up. She had an outdoor reception, and I loved how perfectly down-to-earth and sweet it was.

Everything had a vintage, antiqued feel, and it was charming in its simpleness. Chelsea made the flowers from tissue paper for the table decor and attached them to twigs to place in vases. The vases were placed inside a painted, empty frame over the top of burlap and surrounded with sand dollars. Adorable.

And I am in love with these kitschy little dessert trays made from plates or platters glued onto a candlestick or other type of base. Each one is so unique with its own personality. They served a variety of cookies along with cartons of milk chilled in aluminum tubs.

One thing that caught my attention as we were setting up for the reception was the fact that Chelsea and her new hubby were right there in the mix helping, fixing this and that, and laughing with others who were there to get things ready. I was so impressed that they were cheerfully preparing and that they were even present...that they hadn't stayed away and just showed up to greet people when all the work was done. What lovely people.

And did you notice Chelsea's wedding dress? I asked her mom about it and she mentioned that the traditional dresses were just not her style. When she spotted this one, she fell in love with it immediately and knew that it was just for her. I love a gal who paves her own path and delights in simplistic beauty....and in a gal who is as darling on the inside as she is on the outside.


  1. I love this sooooooooo much. Seriously awesome. Soooooooo smart. Love they were helping. What a fun way to start your life together. These over the top weddings are out of control. I miss you dear friend. Love you and happy thanksgiving.

  2. Oh my goodness! I completely love this. Those bride and groom heart cookies are adorable!

  3. Hi missy. If you and shelli knew each other you would be great friends. Love you both.

  4. Shelli!! How did I never know about you and your craftiness?? I've known you thru Steph for how long? Your blog is adorable and you have great ideas! Seth and Chels really did pull off such a great reception, huh?

    - Sara (Steph's cousin)

  5. Thanks for sharing this Shelli and helping us with Chelsea and Seth's beautiful day! Your platter ideas were so fun and whimsical-I'm going to steal that idea the next time I need to serve something again :)

  6. It was the perfect reception for Chelsea. Everything was lovely. I didn't realize those flowers were homemade from tissue. I was taking mental notes for the future. I hope my girls can have a reception like that.

  7. Dana, you know how much I love you. Thanks always for your sweet comments! I miss you, my friend!

    And thanks for stopping by, Missy...I'm sure we would be great friends like Dana says! We'll have to be bloggy friends for now. :)

    Stephy, I loved being there for everything. Your kids are so darling and sweet and beautiful. I miss those days so much. I can't believe they are getting so old. Thanks for your enduring friendship!

    Sara, you are funny! I thought we had had conversations about both of our craziness in the crafting world. haha! Thank you for comment, and you're right... Steph knows how to pull it all together. So fun when we get to see each other at these events!

    Julie, nice to hear from you as well! I agree---I hope my girlies can have something similar. I loved it all so much.


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