Sunday, July 4, 2010

Want to Combat Stress or Lose a Few Pounds? Give Hand-Embroidery a Try....

I was sitting in my dentist's waiting room when I came across a fascinating article entitled, "The Benefits of Slowing Down," from the June 2010 issue of Ladie's Home Journal. The article was all about slowing our speed in this crazy, fast-paced world that we live in, and the benefits of doing so. One section in particular captured my attention, entitled, "Slow Hobbies." Here is what it said:

"No one can knit a scarf or sweater overnight. It takes thousands of stitches, thousands of moments when the only sound is the clicking of needles. Trying to hurry the process just means making mistakes. That's not the frustration of knitting, it's the point. Slow hobbies--knitting, quilting, embroidery, woodwork--require patience and deliberation. In return they calm you, putting you in a contemplative zone that's its own kind of therapy. "The rhythmic, repetitive movements of a hobby like knitting are soothing and distracting," says Katherine Applegate, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist for the Duke University health system. "They seem to lull people."

She advises patients struggling to lose weight to take up sewing and other hands-on crafts to combat stress, which can lead to overeating. Some teachers report that knitting during class calms and focuses kids with ADHD. Even doing a jigsaw puzzle can help. The slow work of a hands-on hobby creates a pace that can soothe the soul." You can read the article in its entirety

So there you have it...a healthy reason to allow yourself to sit on the couch and spend some time stitching or quilting an item for yourself or a friend. Remember, you can download my free set of embroidery instructions and stitches by clicking HERE, and you can purchase embroidery e-patterns HERE.

Enjoy the summer---get some sun, relax, work on a project, and reduce your stress and your waistline at the same time!


  1. hoping to get some major R&R up at island park next guys going to make an appearance??!! i hope so...also got some fun news to share with you!!! *cami

  2. Great article! A couple months ago I made the comment to my husband that I really didn't "Need to knit" that night and he responded, "Yeah, you do. It's been a rough day. You're happier after knitting." I knew I always felt better, but I had no idea he'd noticed too.

  3. Hi there! I'm your newest follower. I love to embroider and find that if I don't have a needle and thread in my hand, I'm just not happy.


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